Loan Management for QuickBooks 1x User (yearly subscription)

1,300.00 exc. vat

  • Loan Management System  for QuickBooks 1x User
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Includes 1x hosted database
  • Includes support


Loan Manage System for QuickBooks (LMSQ) is a smart, easy to use Loan Management System to help you manage your loans and daily loan transactions easily and effectively but the most important, it will post to your favorite QuickBooks accounting software. LMSQ has been designed for QuickBooks and it will only work with QuickBooks UK version installed.

If your company is dealing with Loans then LMSQ is the right solution for you.


LMSQ Features

  1. Setup user access level per company file
  2. Automatically download exchange rates
  3. Automatically download Libor Terms and Rates
  4. Currency management
  5. Setup multiple companies
  6. Setup multiple Loans
  7. Manage both Loans Receivable and Payable
  8. Auto Interest Accrued
  9. Auto Realized and Unrealized calculations
  10. Synchronizes QuickBooks Chart of Accounts
  11. Post transactions to QuickBooks
  12. Export to Excel
  13. Can be purchased as Cloud (SaaS) or Local installation
  14. Dedicated Support.




If offered as Cloud SaaS

  1. Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 8, Windows Server 12
  2. Terminal Server capable
  3. 4GB Ram installed on client computer
  4. Microsoft latest framework
  5. QuickBooks UK 2010 and later version

For Local Installation

  1. everything included above plus..
  2. Microsoft SQL Express 2012
  3. 8GB Ram on database server


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