General Support Info and Support Agreement

How to receive QuickBooks support

There are two ways to receive QuickBooks support:

        1. Free access to official QuickBooks Desktop UK Self Service support portal
        2. Purchase our high quality QuickBooks Annual Support Plan or a Support Ticket.
          Clients with Active QuickBooks Annual Support Plan can receive QuickBooks support via the following means:

* Office hours: Mon – Fri, 09:00 – 17:00 (GMT+2)


Why support

Accounting is a critical aspect in your firm. If you have a question or an issue then you want help and you need it now. You do not want to access self-service portals or send emails to general support inquiries. You need to call or contact someone directly.

QuickBooks Support Agreement

The following describes the QuickBooks Annual or Monthly Support provided by MULTICLICK.NET LTD to clients who have purchased and paid for this service. MULTICLICK.NET LTD reserves the right to refuse the provision of support if the service is not paid.

Support validity

  • Annual support is valid for one year starting from invoice date.
  • Monthly support is provided as a service for as long as the subscription continues.

Support includes typically the following:

  • The provision of help and assistance in relation to QuickBooks software
    • Usage issues
    • Basic error troubleshooting
  • The support might be provided under this priority via:
    • E-mail
    • Online chat
    • Telephone
    • Remote Access

The support does not include:

  • Database corruption recovery
  • Admin password recovery
  • QuickBooks installations either on client computer or server
  • Database setup
  • Training
  • On-site support
  • We do not support QuickBooks versions that have been discontinued by Intuit as per Intuit discontinuation policy. For more info please check out our FAQ section


Why choosing us for your QuickBooks support.

This is what we offer, High Quality QuickBooks Support. We “speak your language”, Instant access to a support person either by phone, on-line chat and occasionally by email. You have a problem? then give us a call or chat on-line. If required, the support representative will ask you to grand him access to your screen via TeamViewer and help you further, that simple but so much effective. We have the experience and the well trained personnel to offer you high quality QuickBooks support whenever you needed it. We strongly believe in after sales support and QuickBooks support plans are here to help you.
Five Reasons Why Customer Support Software Is A Must For Startups. Source:

“While some companies wait until after the startup phase to adopt customer support software, the fact is that a well-designed support solution provides critical capabilities that can help new businesses achieve the early success that leads to long-term viability. Here are five ways customer support software can help startups make the grade”

  • Generate cost savings
  • You have the chance to exceed expectations
  • Continuously improve satisfaction to drive growth
  • Improve employee satisfaction by providing the right resources
  • Monitor reporting to support agility