QuickBooks Database (Company File) Template with Cyprus VAT Rates

130.00 exc. vat

  • QuickBooks Database (Company file) for version 2015 capable to be upgraded  to current version
  • Includes Sample Chart of Accounts, VAT Codes and VAT Rates for Cyprus
  • Includes Blue style Invoice and Statement of Account template
  • VAT Report is based to VAT 100 UK Report with 9 boxes. This template does not include boxes 10, 8A, 8B, 11A, 11B as per Cyprus VAT Report.


If you are new to QuickBooks and your business is located in Cyprus but you are uncertain about the idea of creating your fist database and setup the Cyprus VAT codes in QuickBooks then this Master Company Template is for you. Purchase this Master Template, download it, unzip, restore to QuickBooks, change your company info and settings and you are ready to go.

What is included

  • A read me file is included.
  • The template contains a sample chart of accounts and the Cyprus VAT codes and rates you will need to use for your first database.
  • Includes Blue style Invoice and Statement of Account template

What is NOT Included

  • QuickBooks UK standard VAT 100 report contains only the 9 VAT boxes, same the template does. The template does not include and never suggests that includes all the VAT boxes as per Cyprus VAT standards (box 10, 8A, 8B, 11A, 11B).

The database template version is QuickBooks UK 2015 capable to be upgraded to the latest QuickBooks release. If you are using a later than 2015 version of QuickBooks then you will be prompt to upgrade the database to your current version. Upgrade process is a straight forward procedure, simply follow the screen commands and you are ready to start entering your data within few minutes.

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