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QuickBooks is Intuit Inc’s Accounting and beyond software solution designed in a friendly user interface way in order to manage stock, sales, purchases and lot of other needs of a small to medium size business.
QuickBooks is not simply another accounting software. It will also manage your Estimations, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Stock etc. Using Attachments feature you can attach a document or any electronic file to a transaction or a name (customer, supplier etc) so everything is there when you need it. You can type notes for every transaction or name so you always have the information there when needed. You can memorized transactions like invoices, sales orders, journal entries so you do not need to remember recurring invoices for example or loan deposits. You can print or email invoices, sales receipt, statements, purchase orders etc. You can produce meaningful reports and charts to help you understand more how your business is doing, ratios and other aspects of your business.  If you are a small or medium size business then QuickBooks is the right software for you.
Yes, there is a major difference between the two country versions. QuickBooks USA will handle taxes according to US tax law where QuickBooks UK will handle VAT according to UK Vat standards. Here at MULTICLICK.NET we only deal with QuickBooks UK versions.
The answer is NO, Data recorded with QuickBooks USA cannot be converted to a QuickBooks UK. You will need to start up a new database and start entering opening balances.
There are 3 QuickBooks UK versions. Take a look at the comparison chart and system requirements:
  • QuickBooks Pro for newly or small business
  • QuickBooks Premier for small or growing business
  • QuickBooks Accountant for small, growing business or Accountants
QuickBooks UK comes up with the UK VAT standard 9 boxes. Customization on the number or the name of the boxes in order to comply with the Cyprus VAT form is not possible. The VAT module within QuickBooks can help you create your own VAT codes, rates, reverse charge etc. but it won’t allow you to create or rename additional boxes.  Never the less, you can still find the values missing to complete the Cyprus form (boxes 8 to 11B) but some extra manual work is needed.
QuickBooks Pro can grow up to 5 concurrent users. QuickBooks Premier and Accountant can grow up to 30 concurrent users provided that you have purchased all appropriated licenses. Please refer to the comparison chart to see more.
According to QuickBooks there is no limit on the number of databases you wish to create in your QuickBooks software
You can import lists from excel (customer details, suppliers and items (inventory)). If you need to batch import transactions on a regular basis then you may consider our QuickBooks add-on “Import Utilities for QuickBooks
It only supports English language for both (reading and typing).
There are two different types of offering, (Perpetual License and Subscription)
  • QuickBooks Desktop UK Perpetual licensing is once off fee. No recurring fees apply to licenses.
  • QuickBooks Desktop UK subscription licensing is based on a monthly subscription recurring fee. The subscription includes, the license(s), updates, upgrades to newer version whenever this is released by Intuit and high quality instant support from us.
You can purchase additional licenses for as far as the version you own is not discontinued. You may want to refer to Intuit discontinuation policy for further information.
Yes, QuickBooks can be installed on a Microsoft Windows Terminal Server but it is important to understand one very important factor. All your QuickBooks licenses must first be combined into one installation license prior to you QuickBooks purchase. Combining multiple QuickBooks licenses into a single license number it is crucial because you can only install the same software on the terminal server only once; thus, the server needs to know that the particular installation includes x number of QuickBooks licenses. Prior to your purchase, inform our sales representative that the licenses you are about to purchase are to be used on a terminal server so he/she can advice you accordingly. Please read this Intuit article for further information
There are several scenarios and reasons when and why you need a server or not to run QuickBooks.
  1. If you are a QuickBooks single user then the answer is no, you may have both QuickBooks application and the databases on your local computer, but you may want to use a server either for security purposes or for WAN access.
  2. In a multi user environment the need of a server is important. Here are two scenarios but it might be a good idea if you and your IT contact us for further information and consulting.
    • Use the client – server solution
      • Client / Server LAN option - QuickBooks is installed on your local computers and the QBDBMS Engine is installed and configured on the server to host the databases and the multi user access. This is the best option for multi user access within the same LAN
      • Client / Server WAN option (VMware or similar is required) - QuickBooks is installed on your virtual remote desktops and the QBDBMS Engine is installed and configured on your virtual server in the VMware or similar machine. Users can access their remote desktops via Microsoft remote desktop (RD) either from their LAN or WAN. This is the best scenario for multi user access from different locations (WAN)
    • Use the Terminal Services (LAN or WAN) – This is the scenario where QuickBooks application and databases are on the server. Users can access QuickBooks by connecting to their session on the server using Microsoft remote desktop (RD). While QuickBooks Desktop can run on a Terminal Server environment, only QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions is supported in this environment (with limitations). You may use terminal services if there is no alternative. If a terminal server is going to be used then, prior to your QuickBooks purchase, you must ask your QuickBooks sales Rep to bridge (merge) the QuickBooks licenses for you into a single installation key. This is important because you can only install an application on the server once.
Bridging licenses is important when it comes to install 2 or more licenses on a terminal server environment. You can only install an application on the server once; thus, if your environment is a Windows terminal server then all your licenses must be bridged (combined or merged) into a single installation licenses that we hold all extra licenses that you own. As a result, this procedure will allow multiple users to access QuickBooks company file on a Windows terminal server through remote desktop connection.
You can install one license to two computers considering that the first be the working and the second be the backup computer. Installing the license to a third or more computers is not recommended and violates the rules and regulations. The installation of the same license on a second computer does not provide a concurrent usage of the database.
Yes you can transfer the license. If your computer broke down that could be one very good reason 🙂
If your QuickBooks version is 2006 then data are still upgradable to the latest 2017 version. If you are using older version than 2006 then data should be first upgraded to the 2006 version and then to the latest. In both cases, upgrading from 2006 or older to the latest version, serious changes will apply in your database like VAT, Templates etc. Here is a link to help you further.

Upgrades to 2015 guide

Pay extra attention on page 11 where it talks about “2006 or earlier upgrades only”.
If you do not feel comfortable upgrading the company your self then we offer upgrading services for a fee.
"Each QuickBooks Product is generally supported for a period of up to three years. For example, Intuit will support QuickBooks 2015 until May 31st 2018. Additional currently supported versions include:
  • QuickBooks 2012 until April 1, 2015
  • QuickBooks 2013 until April 1, 2016
  • QuickBooks 2014 until April 1, 2017
Source: https://community.intuit.com/articles/1501193-quickbooks-desktop-service-discontinuation-disco-policy-and-upgrade-information "
Product discontinuation does not mean that you can not use the product. What it does mean, is that you can not use or ask for several services related to the product like:
  • QuickBooks updates
  • Request for additional users
  • Registration / Activation
  • Manuals
  • Help and Support
  • Password recovery (recovered database will be returned to the latest version of QuickBooks)
  • Database recover after corruption (recovered database will be returned to the latest version of QuickBooks)
  • Payroll updates if you are using any
  • etc.
Always check the details of the intuit discontinuation policy available here: https://community.intuit.com/articles/1501193-quickbooks-desktop-service-discontinuation-disco-policy-and-upgrade-information
If your QuickBooks version has been discontinued then, here at MULTICLICK.NET we cannot provide any kind of support for the following reasons:
  • Support information for discontinued versions became rear and time consuming since there is no access to information related to the version that has been discontinued.
  • Compatibility issues with windows versions or other related software prevent us from providing the quality of the support we want to provide.
QuickBooks is a straight forward windows application with a very user friendly interface. For the installation part, when it comes to simple one user installation then if you can install any other windows application then you can also install QuickBooks. In case of a multi-user environment then you may need the help of your IT or us to install it since it may requires additional configuration that involves server and QuickBooks host configuration. For multi user installation you may want to refer to Intuit article here. Lot of our clients want us to install and configure it for them so they know that everything is working properly.

As far as the operation and usage is concerned then for the majority of the users that are aware of accounting basics the operation and usage is really easy. QuickBooks build in help can provide important and useful information. You can also find manuals and guides online here.

Here at MULTICLICK.NET as members or Intuit QuickBooks Professional Advisors, we provide consultancy and training solutions so you can benefit the most of your QuickBooks solution.
By purchasing QuickBooks UK, you are allowed a 30 days free support from QuickBooks UK Directly (not from us). We provide high quality paid annual support plans to our customers. Our support plans are design to cover your needs and include (email support via a ticketing system, telephone, online chat and remote support).

If you have purchased a QuickBooks Perpetual License then you may purchase annual support If you have purchased a QuickBooks Monthly Subscription Licenses, then, support is included.

To find more about our support plans then click here
A QuickBooks add-on is a software that co-operates with QuickBooks do perform a specific task. There are hundred of QuickBooks add-ons available in the market. Here at MULTICLICK.NET also develop QuickBooks add-ons like CRM, Landed Cost Utilities etc. You can choose from ready made add-ons or ask us to develop your own add-on to match your business needs. Here is a list of our QuickBooks add-ons currently available. If you have a special add-on request then you may contact us to discuss your needs further and quote you.
Let’s keep it simple, you are a business owner, your firm has some unique needs, you do like QuickBooks and you are looking for a QuickBooks solution that will transform your entire business. We, from the other hand, are Intuit QuickBooks certified Professional Advisors, we do know QuickBooks very well and over the years we gain a huge experience with different business sectors; thus, the most of the times, we have a very good idea for what you are looking after. We can investigate your business needs and quote you for a total QuickBooks solution that will include where applicable Licenses, Installation, Consultancy, Training and Add-ons. Our best advertisement is our customers, local or overseas.
You can purchase QuickBooks or QuickBooks related services or products directly from this online store. If you have further queries or need assistance then either chat online with a QuickBooks representative or contact us. We will be please to assist you choosing the right software and develop your solution on QuickBooks.
We are authorized to sell QuickBooks in Cyprus and in few other specific countries only. If your company is not listed in the Country field within the check out form then unfortunately you cannot purchase QuickBooks from us and you will need to contact Intuit UK directly.
Sure, you can request your QuickBooks, 30 days free trial from here and / or ask for a 30 minutes remote presentation with one of our QuickBooks experts. Your demonstration will include QuickBooks and / or QuickBooks Add-ons if needed.

Presentation requires that Skype is installed on your computer with microphone and speakers availability.
If you have further questions or queries then please contact us to discuss them further